About Institute

Name of Organization The Institution for Future Welfare (IFW)
Prospectus The Institution for Future Welfare was established in May 2010 as an independent policy think tank in the field of social security, which includes income security, health and long-term care services, family policy and social welfare for needy people. The purpose of the Institution is to promote welfare state in Japan as well as in the world through conducting research works, disseminating results of research and correct information, and proposing policy options.
Activities The Institution for Future Welfare conducts the following activities as a non-profit organization: (1) Research works, (2) Collaboration with domestic and foreign organizations and researchers, (3) Preparation of reports and papers upon commission, (4) Compilation of books and textbooks, (5) Dissemination of activities on our HomePage including Newsletters, Discussion papers, and Web Journal.
Member Ten establishing members including Fumio ISOBE, Tetsuo FUKAWA, Hiroyoshi ENDO, Yoshihisa MIWA, as well as research fellows
Address 1-26-16-302 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150, JAPAN 
Web Cite http://ifwj.org
email if@ifwj.org
Tel/Fax 81-3-6407-9700